How is the bandwidth used up?

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How is the bandwidth used up?

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Different Powerline chipsets have different maximum bandwidth limits.

The T1000 and T1101 use the QCA6400 chipset which is HomePlug 200AV which has a maximum bandwidth of 200Mbps (gross)
The T1501 uses the QCA7420 chipset which is HomePlug 500AV which has a maximum bandwidth of 500Mbps (gross)

The above chipsets are compatable with each other but the the T1501's maxiumum speed will be limited to200AV speeds when communicating with a T1000 or T1101 products.

The actual available bandwidth will be less than the maximum because of network overhead and any reduction in bandwidth because of electrical noise on the mains wiring.

Like a WiFi network, the available bandwidth is shared amongst the Powerline devices where the transmitted and received data comes out of the total available bandwidth. The Powerline Socket includes an advanced Ethernet switch which is able to prioritise traffic in order to provide a high level of Quality of Service (QoS).

The Power Ethernet Powerline Sockets include filtered power sockets in order to minimise the effect of locally generated electrical noise. Always plug in electrically noisy devices (like transformers and chargers) directing into the filtered power socket rather than next to it.