Is Power Ethernet network good solution for business?

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Is Power Ethernet network good solution for business?

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Powerline as a standard has been specifically designed for home use (hence the name HomePlug Alliance) but it is an excellent solution for addressing a number of business pains.  It is not going to replace dedicated cabling as the primary network infrastructure within corporates but as it is powerful enough and agile to address the following networking challenges:

  1. The cost and disruption of installing structural cables
  2. The inconvenience and cost of running out of network connection points.
  3. Speed of deployment
  4. Resolving single points of failure
  5. Network flexibility

Within certain sectors, Powerline’s performance is fast enough and fit for purpose to be the primary networking including:

  • Home networking, theatre and automation
  • Small offices including surgeries, schools and smaller hotels
  • Temporary structures like Portakabins, maritime and construction
  • SME, office rental and small business networks

In larger networks, Powerline is a good fit to extend and expand the network.  It is a cost effective way to segment the data networks and use Powerline to deliver connectivity.  Applications include:

  • Digital signage
  • VoIP telephone handsets 
  • CCTV cameras
  • Smart metering

There are also a number of verticals where installing new structure cable is undesirable and WiFi networking is not fit for purpose as a the primary network, for example:

  • Listed buildings and heritage sites require planning permission to install new cables and the size of the buildings along with the thick walls means that WiFi is not a viable option.  Powerline is the ideal solution for these sort of sites.
  • Shipping where running additional cabling is prohibitively expensive.