The Network Activity Light is always off

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Why the Network Activity Light is always off?

Category: Troubleshooting
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The Network Activity light goes solid when there is an active Ethernet cable plugged into one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the front of the Powerline Socket.  It blinks to show it is Ethernet activity.

If the Power light is green (Powerline Socket is awake) and the device plugged into the Ethernet port is switched on, the Ethernet Activity light should also be on (solid or blinking). Check that the devices connected to the Powerline Socket are on, the networking functionality is enabled and check the connection of the Ethernet cable.

If the Power light is red then the unit is asleep or in hibernation mode.  It is designed to wake up automatically when one of the Ethernet ports is active but it has to be manually woken up from hibernation mode.  A short press of the Reset button (R) will wake up the unit.  If the Ethernet light is off, then try another Ethernet cable.