The Powerline Light is always off

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Why the Powerline Light is always off?

Category: Troubleshooting
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If the Powerline (PLC) light is off and the Power light is red, it means that this Powerline Socket is asleep or in hibernation.  Powerline Sockets automatically go into sleep mode when there is no active Ethernet connection.  Plug in an active Ethernet cable and the Powerline Socket will wake up within a couple of seconds.  (You can force it to wake up by a short press of the Reset button (R) at which point this Powerline Socket will remain awake for 15 minutes regardless of whether there is an active Ethernet connection plugged into it or not.)

Ensure that at least 2 Powerline Sockets are awake and check if the PLC Connection light becomes solid.  The PSMS is a useful diagnostic tool as it will not only show how many Powerline Sockets or Powerline devices are connected together but also the estimated speeds between them.

Powerline devices are only able to connect to each other if they share the same Network Password.  If all the Powerline Sockets bar one are connected together, it is possible that the disconnected Powerline Socket has left the Powerline network and now has a different Network Password.  By using PSMS, you can reset the Network Password on the disconnected unit to the same Network Password in the other units.

Note: The power outlets must be electrically connected and sharing the same power phase in order for the Powerline Sockets to provide a network connection between them.