Who needs Powerline Sockets?

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Who needs the Powerline Sockets?

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The Powerline Sockets are suitable for home users and businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.  Its real benefit is that it creates a data network without needing to install new wiring. 

In the consumer market, with families owning so many Ethernet enabled devices, such as PCs, set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players and even the latest TVs, the Power Ethernet Sockets provide a high speed Internet access available throughout the home that connects all these devices in a simple and fast way.

Within the business sector, the Powerline Socket is ideal for situations where running additional data cabling to connect devices is impossible or impractical but also, by removing the purchase and installation costs of data cabling, offers a cost-effective approach to creating business networks. It can be used to both extend existing Ethernet networks, to accommodate new devices, or as a complete backbone network and can be installed by an electrician without specialist data cabling knowledge. 

A number of possible applications for Powerline Sockets can be found at www.powerethernet.com/applications.html