Power Ethernet T1000

Power Ethernet T1000 Powerline Socket

The Power Ethernet T1000 (Powerline Socket) is the first HomePlug Powerline compatible product developed by Power Ethernet that embed all the electronics inside a standard wall power socket. By using the mains cables the Powerline Sockets create a high speed, secure data network everywhere needed in the building without the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling.

  • Fast, secure and robust Powerline networking
  • High speed transfer rates up to 200Mbps (gross)
  • No new wiring required – uses the existing main cables
  • Built-in 4 port managed Ethernet switch provides business class networking
  • Built into wall – tamper and theft proof
  • All the devices are easily configured using PEMS Management Software
  • HomePlug AV compatible
  • Works with the other Power Ethernet products incuding the Power Ethernet T1501 Pro with embedded WiFi, Power Ethernet T1002 and Mainline Premium Data Socket T1101
Power Ethernet T1000 Powerline Socket

Power Ethernet Powerline Software (PEMS)

Windows software for managing your T1000 and T1101 Powerline Sockets along with Quick Software instructions. The complete software manual is within the Power Ethernet User Manual for your product or alternatively you can download the Quick Software Guide below. (Please note Microsoft Windows 7 or later are supported.)