Power Ethernet T1501

Power Ethernet T1501 Powerline Pro Socket with WiFi and USB Charger

Finally a simple and secure way to deliver power, WiFi and Ethernet access in every room

The Power Ethernet T1501 is the first hybrid Powerline Socket designed to provide a secure and robust networking solution without the need to run new cables. It combines and complements a number of connectivity solutions into one device all managed via a simple web interface including Ethernet, WiFi and USB charging.

By creating a hybrid networking solution (Ethernet and WiFi) that runs over the mains cables, the T1501 becomes the easiest way to setup and deliver fast and reliable data network exactly where it is needed.

  • Fast, secure and robust Powerline and WiFi networking
  • High speed transfer rates up to 500Mbps (gross)
  • “Local Room” WiFi connection for perfect coverage within an area for smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • Support networking best practices — choice of WiFi and Ethernet
  • WiFi can be switched on or off via the front button
  • No new wiring required – uses the existing main cables
  • Built into wall as the technology is integrated into a standard BS double-gang socket – tamper and theft proof
  • All the devices are easily configured using a simple wizard
  • Managed via a simple web interface or via a mobile application
  • Works with Window, Mac and Linux, tablets and smartphones
  • HomePlug AV compatible
  • T1501 Powerline Pro socket can manage other Power Ethernet products such as the Power Ethernet T1000, Power Ethernet T1002 and Mainline Premium Data Socket T1101

Standard software build is designed for the SoHo market but additional software feature sets designed for business and industrial applications including multiple VAPs, VLANs and Remote Monitoring are available.

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Power Ethernet T1501 Powerline Pro Socket with WiFi and USB Charger


T1501 Management using a table or smartphone

Mobile App: Powerline Pro Finder

The Powerline Pro mobile app makes it easy to find and connect to your Power Ethernet Powerline Pro T1501 sockets using your smart-phone or tablet without needing to know their IP addresses.

Apple iOS version of Powerline Pro Finder: Apple Store download
Android version of Powerline Pro Finder:Android store download

T1501 Certificates

    Coming soon

Powerline Pro Socket T1501 Management

The T1501 is simple to setup and manage through its built-in web server which works on laptops, PCs, Apple Macs, tablets and smartphones. No special software is needed and the T1501 can also manage the other Power Ethernet products such as the T1000 Powerline socket and and the Mainline Premium Data Socket T1101.

The bottom line is there is no need to install the PEMS management software in order to manage a network of T1501 Powerline Pro sockets.